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Ventura Home Plumbing Repairs

Anyone that owns a home in the Ventura County area understands that residential plumbing issues can never be foreseen. One day everything can be working fine and the next morning you can wake up to carpeting that has been soaked from a burst pipe. Geniune Plumbing understands and appreciates residential plumbing repair issues and needs. Whether it be a simple leaking faucet or a broken water heater, each repair plumber at Genuine Plumbing will make sure that all problems are fixed correctly the first time and that each customer understands the nature of what caused their plumbing problem to begin with.

It is a must that your fixtures are always in good condition. Well-maintained fixtures saves you money and eliminates the thought of flooding your home. You might not know it, but a tiny drop could worsen in no time. Contact Genuine Plumbing for installation, maintenance and repair.

Shower valves

Is your handling getting harder to turn off or is water dripping and just won't stop? Call Genuine Plumbing, we can give you our professional opinion on repairing or replacing your shower valve or cartridge.

Pressure regulators

We offer free water pressure inspections while you're at home. Pressure regulators not only reduce pressure to safe levels but they also save water based on the fact that one third less water flows at 50 lbs then at 100 lbs so you save about 1/3 of that water. Whether you're upgrading or forced into replacing your fixtures we can install them for you. We use California compliant fixtures to save water but still get you the pressure you need.

Garbage disposal's

Does your disposal keep jamming up or is it just not grinding anymore? The teeth might be rusted and no longer operating properly causing you to spend more money to service which in the end is more cost-effective to just replace.

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Toilet Repair

Toilet malfunctions happen to anyone, and it always happens at the wrong time. Getting ready for work? Taking your time in the toilet after a long day at work? It happens when you least expect it. Call Genuine Plumbing for emergency toilet repair service. We will be there quickly to ensure that it gets fixed at the soonest possible time.

We are a professional residential plumbing company that feels it is our duty to explain to our customers exactly what went wrong and caused their plumbing repair needs. Have a question about a repair or a plumbing problem that you are having with your home, give us a call and speak to one of our plumbers, we will be sure to do our best to explain to you what may be causing the problem and what we can do to correct the plumbing problem for you.

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