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Is your drain draining slow or is it completely clogged? Genuine Plumbing specializes in drain cleaning in kitchens and bathrooms. Whether it's Grease build up or food in your kitchen sink or hair clogs in the shower, toilets with paper or debris. Even toy trucks flushed down the toilet. No matter what the stoppage is, we are equipped to tackle the toughest clogs. Genuine Plumbing is determined to get your drains flowing so you can go about your day worry free.

Trust us when we say there’s no shortage of drain clogs in Ventura County and that none of them happen at a convenient time. No matter the issue, Genuine Plumbing is dispatched day or night and can arrive equipped with the latest electric drain cleaning machines.

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Clearing the Common Backup or Stoppage

With an entire van dedicated to drain cleaning, we arrive equipped with all the drain cleaning equipment needed to clean the most common fixtures in an apartment or the largest house drains in residential buildings. Even more important, unlike at many “drain-cleaning companies,” the Genuine Plumbing team is able to accurately troubleshoot a problem in an expert manner to be sure they are treating the cause and not just a symptom.

Maintain Drain Lines

Clearing emergency stoppages is certainly important. But it’s just as important to avoid an emergency by properly maintaining drain lines within plumbing, drain and waste, and ventilation systems. Fred Smith clears storm water lines, leader traps, roof drains, terrace and main house drain systems, including floor and window-well drains, and the maintaining of sump pits and ejector pits.

Video Inspection

Sewer repair that is performed correctly requires a video inspection. This is when a camera is inserted into the interior of the sewer pipe and sends back live video of the condition and the blockage in your sewer line. Video inspections can tell if you have root intrusion, separated pipes, offset pipe joints, or a broken pipe. The pipe must be draining to be able to see within it, so that may be part of the sewer repair that we will have to perform.

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